September 21, 2020

Nvidia + Arm Will Dramatically Change the Technology Landscape

Nvidia last week announced they are buying Arm, which will result in some exciting changes. This merger will open up opportunities for the company to create […]
September 17, 2020

Do's and Don'ts for SMB Cybersecurity Safety

The stampede from offices to working from home has strained IT security teams to their limits. As a result, SMBs find they need to get more […]
September 16, 2020

Apple Reveals New Watches, Muscular Tablet at Online Event

Apple pulled the wraps off two new Apple Watches, two iPads and several services bundles at an event Tuesday held online. The new watches include the […]
September 15, 2020

Tech Job Market Hot for the Near Future

Computer systems design and related services added 13,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s August jobs report. IT employment in July was up by […]
September 14, 2020

Microsoft Surface Duo: Rethinking the Smartphone

For many of us a phone should predominantly be a way to communicate and aid productivity, as opposed to being a device of distractions. Though we […]
September 10, 2020

The Perils of IT Security Hubris

Corporate cybersecurity has been increasingly compromised since organizations began implementing work-from-home policies in March as the pandemic continued its spread. In addition to the risks created […]
September 9, 2020

Google's New Phone App Feature ID's Legit Business Calls

Google has taken a step toward controlling spam voice calls on Android devices with a new addition to its phone app. The “Verified Calls” feature will […]
September 7, 2020

Applying AI to Bring a 'Better You' to Video Meetings

The fact is that people tend to judge us by our appearance. For a lot of folks on video calls, that appearance has degraded sharply this […]